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Auto Body Paint Computerized Measuring


Here at Dallas Auto Paint, we love good looking cars. Automated measurement offers numerous advantages and ensures that your vehicle is in optimal condition when it comes to its paint. We repair various types of damage, whether partial or extensive, to your vehicle. Detecting damage on the body paint can be laborious without the appropriate technology.

In most cases, relying on the naked eye alone is likely to miss some damage details. We have installed the latest auto body paint computerized measuring equipment to make sure that our clients are 100% satisfied with the outcome. This state-of-the-art system enables our team of experienced professional technicians to carry ahead with their repair work with an exactitude that is unmatched in the industry.

If your car is looking dreary and boring, and you feel less proud about it, then waste no time in contacting us. The paint on your automobile body may be peeling, chipped, or rubbed out due to friction with other bodies or tools. Another reason might be that your car has discolored due to long use and environmental conditions. We are the right place to bring your car. We will paint your auto body and restore it to the sheen and shine that will make you proud.



Color matching


Color matching is essential in getting the perfect color paint for your auto body. How does computerized measuring help? Here at Dallas Auto Paint, we do this by accessing the factory’s data base and pulling the appropriate color codes. Once this is done, we apply it to a card and examine the similarities under sunlight and low light. Once the match is confirmed, we then proceed to repair your auto body. This is done so expertly by our technicians that no distinction can be made between the older paint and the new paint once the repair work is done.




Why us?


Pinpoint Accuracy

Auto body paint computerized measuring at Dallas Auto Paint guarantees accuracy. Trial and error is eliminated. We diagnose specific ailing parts.



Saves Time

We recognize that time is very essential on your part. Auto body paint computerized measuring eliminates mistakes by allowing our experienced technicians to get it right the first time. This also saves the automobile owner’s time. The computerized measuring system is used to detect damage by use of laser technology. After this is done- which takes the minimum possible time, computerized color measuring is then undertaken. This also takes the minimum possible time thus leaving our technicians with enough time to attend to the paint job and to ensure that your car comes out as good looking as new.



Ease with Insurance

Most insurance companies in Dallas, TX and the US in general have advocated for auto body paint computerized measuring.  Some insurance companies can only do business with automobile repair shops that have installed this kind of computerized measuring technology. Save yourself future trouble by having your auto body paint done at Dallas Auto Paint. You will have printed reports where required. These reports are easily generated since all the information is stored up in the computerized system.

Dallas Auto Paint offers the most competitive prices on our services in the whole of Dallas, TX while at the same time providing top notch services.





In conclusion, the integration of auto body paint computerized measuring at Dallas Auto Paint signifies a commitment to excellence. From pinpoint accuracy to efficient time management and insurance convenience, our services redefine the standards in auto body painting. Trust us to breathe new life into your car’s aesthetic appeal.

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