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Signs That You Need Auto Frame Repair


A car frame lends support to the chassis of an automobile and links up other automotive parts. Over 50% of car accidents result in structural damage to vehicles. The strange thing however is that frame damage is hardly visible. The fact that a damaged frame puts an automobile user’s life at great risk compels us to take this particular repair with extra attention. Here at Dallas Auto Paint, our technicians have the expertise and experience to carry a comprehensive inspection beyond on your frame. A minimal dent on your bumper may be concealing massive damage to frame of your automobile. We have state-of-the-art equipment that uses laser technology to help our technicians to identify damage to the automobile frame.

Our technicians understand the importance of restoring automobile components to manufacturer’s standards. We use the latest technology to readjust your automobile’s frame back into factory specifications. This is done before the parts are disassembled.  The confirmation of structural adherence follows this. Our technicians understand that the frame of your automobile is essential to the strength of your automobile.

If you hail around Dallas, TX and have been involved in a collision or accident and that left scrapes on the auto body, then its time you thought about auto frame repair that serves in the area of Dallas TX.

If the steering is not steady and the automobile keeps veering, there is a certain kind of stiffness in the automobile, a certain kind of resistance that leads you think the automobile’s behavior is changed. This is the right time to pop in at our shop.




How We Do It

At Dallas Auto Paint, our technicians will place your automobile on a platform that it is clamped. The automobile is pulled by means of hydraulic rams that can pull a great deal of weight. This enables the technicians to carry out a comprehensive inspection without physical hindrance. It also enables us to do auto frame repairs without the usual hindrances that may face auto frame repairers in other shops that are not as equipped as ours.

Our technicians can offer repair services on a gigantic assortment of automobile models: Truck frame straightening & repair, 4×4 frame straightening & repair, Car frame straightening & repair, Dually frame straightening & repair, SUV frame straightening & repair and Minivan frame straightening & repair.




Reliable Measuring System


Lastly, the accuracy of the computerized measuring system is to one millimeter. Here at Dallas Auto Paint, a laser scanner that is mounted atop a tripod stand is used to take the measurements of your automobile; be it width, height, or length. After the measurements are taken, they are communicated back to the computer, which then identifies the extent of damage done to your automobile. The measurements are carried out in 3D design format. The computer is installed with color codes to indicate the level of damage to your automobile. Red indicates profound damage, while yellow indicates mild damage. Green is negligible damage.

The computer can print out this report for the automobile owner. This laser measuring technology is quick and efficient. It takes a maximum of 15 minutes for the entire measuring process to be through. It is important to inform your insurance company if you are taking your automobile for auto frame repair.




In conclusion, recognizing the signs of auto frame damage is paramount for ensuring the safety and longevity of your vehicle. Dallas Auto Paint stands as a reliable partner in this journey, offering expertise, advanced technology, and a commitment to restoring your automobile to its optimal condition through comprehensive auto frame repair services.

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