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Fiberglass is a popular material used in designing the body of vehicles. Due to its durability and aesthetic preference, many consumers opt for it when buying an automobile. Unlike other materials, fiberglass needs extra care and if not, it may be damaged. Dallas Auto Paint provides you with all the solutions you may need for auto fiberglass repairs in Dallas TX.



Principles in Fiberglass Repairs

Any professional will tell you that five fundamental principles guide auto fiberglass repairs. To have successful auto fiberglass repairs serving Dallas, TX, we follow them to the tee.



Difference Between the Composite and Original Parts

Composite parts are always different from the original parts that came with your car. Fiberglass repairs are dependent on the adhesive value of the resin to ensure effective bonding with the primary structure. For this, we ensure that our repairs involve resin, which is as strong as the one used in the original parts.


Surface area

Large surface area enhances the strength of composite repairs. Since fiberglass depends on the adhesion forces that will bind the repair to the primary structure, increase in the surface area will automatically enhance the bond. This, in turn, increases both the durability and strength of the repair.


Methods Used

  • Scarf sanding- this method entails sanding the areas next to the damage. In this procedure, we use a high speed compressed air power sander. Of all methods, this is the easiest.
  • Step sanding- this determines the size needed for the inner repair. The next step is the removal of the surrounding damaged material. This method as compared to its alternatives causes considerable growth of the repaired surface. If not done well, it may cause formation of both built joints and abrupt edges for the repaired plies.

Toning the Repair with the Original

Although the composite material is different from the original, we ensure that the thickness, ply orientation, and density are similar to that of your original car parts. This is because if the repair is thicker, it becomes stiffer. Similarly, if strength points are introduced, it can cause failure of the whole repair process.


Ply-for-ply Replacement

This is the approach we implement during the repair session because it is an assurance that the repaired structure will be able to withstand the same heaps or loads than the original. Doing this ensures that weight is dispersed equally.



Steps in Fiberglass Repair

When repairing fiberglass, we use the following steps:

  • Damage measurement and determination – at this step, we conduct inspection of the extent of damage. Whether it is a tear, hole/puncture, crushed core, or delamination we will fix it
  • Damage removal and surface preparation- at this stage, depending on the damage scope, we either remove the whole damaged part or we just fix it
  • We then conduct surface preparation
  • Lamination of the repair patch comes next
  • Lastly, we do repair inspection, which we ensure before we hand over your car.

At Dallas Auto Paint, you also get useful tips when caring for your fiberglass automobile;

  • When cleaning, always use proper products not just any
  • In your washing, use quality grease cutting detergents to remove the old wax
  • Always wash your car in the shade (not in the sun or when the body is hot)
  • Make use of microfiber sponges and towels for your paint protection.



Conclusion: Auto Fiberglass Repairs

In the bustling city of Dallas, where the visual appeal and strength of your vehicle matter, Dallas Auto Paint emerges as the trusted partner for top-notch auto fiberglass repairs. Our commitment to fundamental principles, precision in repair methods, and unwavering dedication to quality make us the go-to choice for auto fiberglass repairs.

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