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We all like our cars in good conditions.  We at Dallas Auto Paint are equipped and willing to help you ensure that your car is in sharp condition and serves you to the fullest. At Dallas Auto Paint, we possess the necessary equipment and expertise to perform a wide range of auto collision repair services for various car models. If your automobile is in need of any kind of auto body repair and you are in Dallas, TX then don’t hesitate to contact our technicians.


Paintless Dent Repair

This technique is used to remove minor dents on your automobile body. The most common repairs being: hail damage, minor body creases, door dings and minor bumper dimples. This technique is recommended for shallow dents. Deeper dents are not repairable with this method.


Auto Dent Removal

This technique is recommended when the metal of your automobile is stretched due to collision or heavy impact. The dent is deep and extensive paint damage has occurred. This process involves removal of body panels, interior panel and tail lights. Once our technicians achieve a level surface, they then use computerized color mixing technology to prepare the appropriate color.


Fender Repair

Fender damage can range from minor to major. Our team of technicians begins with exterior damage inspection. Our technicians then remove any hardware to reach damaged parts of the fender. Once this is done, our technicians begin to restore the fender to its original shape. Primer is then applied on the surface to pave way for paint.


Hail Damage Repair

You can do so much to take care of your automobile, but nature has a way of beating you. Take for instance the phenomenon of hailstorms. Hailstorms can damage your automobile in many ways. One of the ways is by causing minor strikes on the outer panel of your automobile. Hail damage in most cases is mild and does not cause paint to strip off from the body of your automobile.


Bumper Repair

Automobile bumpers can suffer from grates, dents, and indentations. Bumpers are made from a flexible and reusable plastic material. Bumper plastic comes in two categories: inflexible and flexible. The process of manufacturing plastics involves infusing two different polymer substances. The result is a durable material whose longevity cannot only be guaranteed by good care.


Auto Painting

Painting an automobile is not as easy as it seems. Auto painting involves complicated procedures that demand expertise and experience. The first procedure is to clean the automobile body to free it of any form of dirt. The second procedure is primer application. This paves the way for sanding and eventual paint application.


Auto Glass Repair

Broken or shattered glass is one of the unpleasant things you are likely to encounter as an automobile owner. When you bring your automobile to our shop, the first thing our technicians do is to clean and brush away shards. Vacuuming is done to expel trapped air bubbles from the dented area. Resin is then added to the damaged area. Once our technicians are through with repair, the area is allowed to dry under ultra violet light. This process restores the glass and stops the spreading of the crack on the surface of your glass.


Windshield Repair

Windshields are built by a double layer of glass sheets with polyvinyl buty rate acting as glue. In case of an accident or collision, your windshield is likely to crack, break, or shatter altogether. A cracked, broken, or shattered windshield is a serious concern when it comes to your safety.


Conclusion: Auto Body Repair

In conclusion, Dallas Auto Paint emerges as the ultimate solution for all your auto body repair needs. With a team dedicated to excellence and a range of services catering to various damages, your vehicle is in safe hands. Trust Dallas Auto Paint to breathe new life into your automobile. Whether it’s Paintless Dent Repair, Auto Dent Removal, Fender Repair, Hail Damage Repair, Bumper Repair, Auto Painting, Auto Glass Repair, or Windshield Repair – we’ve got you covered.


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