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When to Bring your Car in for Auto Fender Repair 

As the components nearest your tires, your fender is one of the car parts most susceptible to damage. As such, you’ll be able to find multiple garages offering auto fender repair. Due to the numerous factors that can affect your car’s fender, many mechanics have become well-versed in auto fender repair, especially in Dallas, TX.

Among the most common causes for a damaged fender include:

When left with a poor paint job, or when left under constant exposure to the sun, your car’s fender will soon begin to see some damage. It’s been proven that the sun’s ultraviolet rays can damage your vehicle. After prolonged exposure to the sun, you can expect your vehicle’s fender to sustain some damage.

If left by itself over time without the proper care, a car’s fender can become prone to rust. Weather conditions and other natural elements could also lead to a faster outbreak of rust in a vehicle. Rust outbreaks are also most normally seen in older makes of any vehicle.




Common Causes of Fender Damage


  • Road Accident
    A road accident or car crash will always present the most lasting damage to a vehicle’s fender. After becoming involved in such an accident, it isn’t uncommon to see your car sustain from a bent, crumpled, and even wrecked fender.


  • Terrain Conditions
    While sturdier vehicles are less likely to sustain permanent damage over rough roads, the dirt accumulated on these parts can result to bigger problems later on. This usually happens when driving along rough roads, such as areas with sand, rocks, and even water. Although many vehicles these days are built to last, prolonged exposure to the elements might wear them out over time.


Solutions for Fender Maintenance


  • Don’t Stop at Paint
    To combat the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, be sure to invest in wax. These days, a good paint job isn’t enough to maintain a car’s good condition – you must also wax it regularly.


  • Take Extra Care on the Roads
    This is the most important tip, and still often the most overlooked. Follow the basic rules when out driving. Refrain from driving when drunk, or while on the phone. Be courteous always to your fellow drivers. As long as you maintain focus and concentration on the roads, your chances of running into an accident will be decreased.


  • See a Mechanic
    Usually a last resort method, bringing your car in for auto fender repair is still an important measure to undertake. Keep in mind that leaving your car at these garages for auto fender repair doesn’t stop at the simple repairs. When at the garage of your choice, take advantage of the opportunity to ask questions and raise concerns. The mechanics here will always be willing to help, if it will mean safer streets and higher chances of your safety on the roads.


When bringing your car for auto fender repair, do not forget to conduct the appropriate amount of research beforehand. With the many garages in competition in the state, you’ll want to make sure you’re enlisting the services of the best and most affordable option. Although seeing a mechanic is mostly seen as the more expensive option, you’ll find that the cost will be worth it – especially if it means your chances of committing the same mistake become decreased with the visit. Contact Dallas Auto Paint now to schedule an Auto Fender Repair

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