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For any repair process, the finishing bit is the most important as the outcome will show the work done. If a shady job was done, then the result will be poor and shabby, but if it was an exemplary work, it goes without saying. When you take your automobile to the car ‘doctor’ for a few repairs here and there, you will want it to look better than when you dropped it. That is why you should only trust the hands of a professional work to get it done. And that’s where Dallas Auto Paint comes in handy.

If you are searching for a repair team that will ensure that refinishing is done to the detail, then Dallas Auto Paint is the perfect fit for the job. We offer you the best refinishing touch that will leave you happy and satisfied.



The Refinishing Process

When working on your car, we follow these steps:

Before we start painting your car we make sure that we fix all the problems that your car may be having. Whether it is to massage the dents, remove the scratches or dings, we get it done before the painting. All blemishes, unsightly marks and blemishes will not miss our professional hands.


Prepping the Surface

We then conduct surface preparation. This is the key to achieving a perfect gloss and that is what we aim for.



Barrier application/sealing is done between the surface and the paint coats. We always have you in mind and so we ensure your car’s durability with this step.



At this step, we do paint application of the top coats, base coats, under coats and the clear coats. All these layers are for protection as well as durability.


It’s all in the Clear Coat

Clear coats, in contrast to all the other coats offer maximum protection of your car. Always ensure that you go for the best when it comes to clear coats. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Good clear coats should ensure you car’s gloss for a number years even in the harshest of environments
  • Check out the product data sheet to know the volume of solids. Do not be cheated into going for low price products, only settle for the best.
  • Your clear coat choice should have minimal surface texture, gloss should be on the high and it should pretty much resemble your dressing mirror that is shiny.

If you go for our auto paint custom refinishing in Dallas TX, all the specifications are met.



Our car Refinishing Services

At Dallas Auto Paint, whether you need simple touch up or a full controlled spray booth, we have you covered. We will do a custom refinishing on your car body.



Environmental Friendly Car Painting and Refinishing

Common basecoats tend to release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to the environment adding up to the air pollution menace. This is why we use waterborne basecoats which have significantly seen to the reduction of these emissions.

Moreover, we provide you with day-to-day car care products such as abrasives, body repair products, tools and equipment. Whatever you need, we’ve got it.





In the grand tapestry of auto paint custom refinishing, Dallas Auto Paint emerges as a beacon of excellence. From the meticulous inspections to environmentally conscious practices, our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, especially in the domain of auto paint custom refinishing, is unwavering. Your vehicle is not just a mode of transportation; it’s a masterpiece waiting to be unveiled.



Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How long does the auto paint custom refinishing process take at Dallas Auto Paint?
    • The duration varies based on the extent of repairs needed, but our team strives for efficiency without compromising the meticulous nature of auto paint custom refinishing.
  2. Are the waterborne basecoats as effective as traditional ones in auto paint custom refinishing?
    • Yes, our waterborne basecoats are not only effective but also contribute to a cleaner environment by significantly reducing VOC emissions during auto paint custom refinishing.
  3. Can I choose a custom color for my car refinishing in auto paint custom refinishing?
    • Absolutely! Dallas Auto Paint offers a wide spectrum of custom colors, ensuring your vehicle’s auto paint custom refinishing aligns with your personal preferences.
  4. What sets Dallas Auto Paint apart from other refinishing services in auto paint custom refinishing?
    • Our attention to detail, commitment to environmental sustainability, and use of high-quality materials make us stand out in the industry, especially in the realm of auto paint custom refinishing.
  5. Is a clear coat necessary for every refinishing job in auto paint custom refinishing?
    • Yes, the clear coat serves as the pinnacle of protection and durability, ensuring a long-lasting glossy finish in the artistry of auto paint custom refinishing.

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