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Entrust Your Paint Job in an Auto PPG Certified Business Dallas, TX

We are proud to be a certified auto PPG certified business. That seems a mouthful but what that really means is that you are assured of quality results. We don’t really like to claim that we are one of the best in the state. We believe that our work stands on its own merits.



What is PPG Certification and Why Should I Care?

PPG is a paint manufacturer that offers a host of products in commercial coating, automotive refinish and custom finishes. Unlike other companies, however, it offers a limited lifetime guarantee which is why it’s very careful about the auto dealers that it enters into partnerships with.

This cautiousness is warranted, considering that PPG is the premium brand in the market today. It invested a lot on research and development to roll out products that can actually help cut the carbon footprint in paint application, as well as make the cars lighter.



From Showroom to the Streets

The paint manufacturer prides itself in bringing the showroom to the streets, with its unique brand of colors that can literally turn heads when you pass by. Consistency is its promise. That means if you had just moved from out of state and you need to have your car fixed, you can visit your auto PPG certified business and be assured of similar results.

This is achieved because of the certification process insisted on by the company before even allowing the auto dealer to carry its products.



Rigorous Certification Program

Any auto PPG certified business Dallas, TX has to send its personnel to a rigorous training course before they can get their certification. For instance, a collision repainter has to undergo a two-day program that will involve learning the theory of color application and matching. The PPG products are discussed at length while practical tests are given to make sure they absorbed the lessons.

Remember, that’s just for the collision repainter alone. Our technicians also went through other courses to be certified in applying all the different products of PPG.



Repair Experts

Other than painting and cosmetic modifications, we also employ one of the best in the business who can fix all types of car trouble. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we can put your car under a battery of tests in case of an accident to make sure that when it rolls out of our garage, it’s good as new.

You can be assured that we won’t shortcut any process for a quick buck. Each of our staff is knowledgeable about what we do so you can fire away any question and be satisfied with the answer. We also make sure our prices remain competitive in the market without necessarily compromising the quality of our work. More than anything, we are proud of our name.

Call us today and you can actually see the difference of going to an auto PPG certified business Dallas, TX. Our friendly personnel are always on standby to answer all your questions.



Conclusion: Auto PPG Certified Business

In the realm of auto services, where choices abound, choosing quality becomes paramount. Our auto PPG certified business in Dallas, TX doesn’t just promise a paint job; it promises an experience of excellence. From environmentally friendly solutions to rigorous certification processes, we stand by our commitment to delivering top-notch results. When you choose Dallas Auto Paint, you’re not just choosing a service; you’re choosing a journey of transformation for your vehicle.

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