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Welcome to Dallas Auto Paint, your go-to spot for top-quality auto body services in Frisco! We’re proud to be your trusted choice for bringing your vehicle back to its best. Our expert team at Dallas Auto Paint, in the heart of Frisco, is dedicated to making your car look and feel as good as new. 


Your Vehicle’s Best Friend: Dallas Auto Paint in Frisco TX

We know your car is special to you, so we take extra care to provide the best auto body services. Our skilled technicians are pros at making your vehicle shine in appearance and structural integrity. 


What Sets Us Apart? 

Comprehensive Care: 

From fixing minor scratches to major collision repairs, we cover it all. Dallas Auto Paint is your one-stop solution for a range of auto body needs. 

Skilled Hands, Simple Words: 

Our technicians are not just experts in their field; they’re also great at explaining things in simple terms. No confusing jargon – just clear communication about your car’s needs. 

Heartfelt Pride: 

We are proud of what we do, and it shows. Your satisfaction is our biggest achievement. When you choose Dallas Auto Paint in Frisco TX, you’re choosing excellence. 

We’re Local: 

Being in the heart of Frisco means we’re right around the corner. Convenient and accessible, Dallas Auto Paint is here for you.


From Dents to Paint: 

Whether it’s a dent, scratch, or a full repaint, our skilled hands ensure your car looks its absolute best. We’re your partners in maintaining your vehicle’s charm. 

PPG-Certified Quality: 

Dallas Auto Paint is proudly PPG-certified. That means we use the best paint products for a finish that stands the test of time. 

Simple Satisfaction: 

Our goal is simple – to make you happy with your car’s appearance. We work hard to meet and surpass your expectations. 


Why Choose Dallas Auto Paint in Frisco TX? 

Friendly Faces: 

Our team is more than just skilled; they’re friendly, too. You can expect approachable service when you step into Dallas Auto Paint in Frisco TX. 

Your Neighbor’s Choice: 

We’re not just a service; we’re your neighbors. Frisco trusts Dallas Auto Paint, and you can, too. 

Hassle-Free Services: 

We make it easy for you. Hassle-free, straightforward, and reliable – that’s how we like to do things. 

Are you ready to give your car the utmost care it deserves? Dallas Auto Paint in Frisco TX is here for you. Contact us today, and let’s make your vehicle look and feel amazing! 



Our Services 

Discover the quality auto body services at Dallas Auto Paint in Frisco TX. We’re here to fix your vehicle and make it look brand new. Trust us for a variety of services, all handled with care and precision. 

Auto Accident Repair Service: 

We’re here to fix your car after an accident – from minor dings to big collision repairs. 

Auto Body Advanced Frame Repair: 

Our advanced frame repair ensures your car’s structure is perfect again. 

Auto Body Damage Repair: 

Scratches or dents? Our expert team will make your car look brand new. 

Auto Body Full Frame Analysis: 

We look at every detail to guarantee a complete repair. 

Auto Body Full Frame Repair: 

For severe damage, our full-frame repair brings your car back to factory specs. 

Auto Body Paintless Dent Repairs: 

Quick and efficient dent repairs without touching your car’s paint. 

Auto Body Repair: 

Whether it’s a tiny scratch or a major fix, our experts carefully handle it. 

Auto Body Structural Damage Repair: 

Complex structural damage? We’ve got the expertise to restore your car’s strength. 

Auto Bumper Repair: 

Bumper trouble? Our skilled technicians make it look and work like new. 

Auto Collision Repair: 

For reliable and efficient collision repairs, trust Dallas Auto Paint. 

Auto Dent Scratches Repair: 

Say goodbye to unsightly dents and scratches. We specialize in external car restoration. 

Auto Dents Removal: 

Our dent removal services make your car flawless again. 

Auto Fender Repair: 

Fender damage? Let us handle it for a seamless finish. 

Auto Fiberglass Repairs: 

Skilled technicians restore your vehicle’s fiberglass components with precision. 

Auto Frame Repair: 

Trust us for reliable frame repairs, ensuring your car’s structural integrity. 

Auto PPG-Certified Business: 

Dallas Auto Paint proudly uses top-notch PPG-certified products for quality paint services. 

Auto Steering Analysis: 

Our comprehensive steering analysis keeps your vehicle’s steering system in optimal condition. 

Auto Painting: 

Our auto painting enhances your car’s appeal from factory finish painting to custom refinishing. 


Choose Dallas Auto Paint in Frisco TX for hassle-free and reliable auto body services. Contact us today for a car that looks and feels fantastic! 

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